Yonas Bekele
Yonas Bekele

Yonas Bekele

Position: Technical Advisor
Organization: African Road Safety Observatory (ARSO)

Yonas Bekele is an infrastructure and policy analyst with over 10 years’ experience in addressing development challenges facing Africa and working with policymakers across the region, private sector and industry leaders, financiers, and donors, covering road safety and urban mobility issues. He has been involved in the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA), the NEPAD Presidential Infrastructure Champion Initiative (PICI), and in developing the Intergovernmental Agreement for the Trans-African Highways, the African Road Safety Charter, the African Road Safety Observatory (ARSO), and the African Road Safety Action Plan for 2011–2020 and for 2021–2030. He holds a B.A. (Business and Economics) from the University of Mekelle (ETH) and an M.Sc. (Infrastructure Economics, Project Management of Network Industries, Engineering, and Policy Analysis) from the University of Paris XI, France; Delft University of the Netherlands; and Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid Spain, respectively


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