Reena Mahajan
Reena Mahajan

Reena Mahajan

Linkedin: Profile
Position: Founder
Country: Uruguay
Organization: Studio Divercity

Reena Mahajan is an architect, urban planner, activist and multilinguist, with a strong background in low-impact, water-sensitive, and sustainable urban development. She is the founder of Studio Divercity, an international urban planning consultancy, and dedicates her time to practicing urban design and advocating people-centered cities. Reena is active in social projects and urban workshops around the globe. She envisions a world where people-centred, nature based cities replace car-centric urban sprawl. She is currently spearheading a road culture and design awareness campaign #MontevideoPacificada in Uruguay’s capital city. Her multifaceted approach involves social media, public discourse, teaching, and artistic activism.


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