Dr. Jimmy Gasore
Dr. Jimmy Gasore

Dr. Jimmy Gasore

Position: Minister of Infrastructure
Country: Rwanda
Organization: Ministry of Infrastructure Government of Rwanda

Dr. Jimmy Gasore is the Minister of Infrastructure. Prior to his appointment, Dr. Gasore served as Project Manager at Rwanda Environment Management Authority, where he led the establishment of the Rwanda Climate Observatory; a comprehensive field station that monitors atmospheric composition related to climate change, air pollution, and ozone depletion. The first and only one of its kind on the African continent. Dr. Gasore holds a Ph.D. degree in Atmospheric Sciences from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and is a former lecturer at the University of Rwanda. Dr. Gasore contributed to various studies, on ambient air quality in Rwanda and has made significant contributions to the understanding of air quality in Africa. He has served on various national and international expert panels and technical committees.


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