Cyprine Odada
Cyprine Odada

Cyprine Odada

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Position: Sustainable Mobility and Road Safety Specialist
Country: Kenya
Organization: UN-Habitat

Cyprine Odada is an Urban Planner, Sustainable mobility and Road Safety Specialist. Currently, working as a Sustainable and Active Mobility Consultant at UN-Habitat, managing a road safety and active mobility projects across different cities in Africa. She is also the Executive Director of Critical Mass Nairobi a role she has passionately held for several years and whose contributions have helped to significantly propel cycling in Kenya. She holds bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning, a master’s degree in Project Planning and Management, University of Nairobi. And is currently enrolled in an Executive master’s in cities Programme at the London School of Economics. Cyprine’s passion for mobility and safe cities is quite evident not just from her career but also in the efforts she continues to put in building a community of people who have similar values. Her mantras is ‘Don’t be a bystander, do something”.


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